Male Enhancement Pills – What Works in 2017

Last Updated August 1, 2017 – Wanting to have a larger penis is nothing to be ashamed of. It can lead to increased sexual pleasure in the bedroom for both you and your lady and give you a significant boost in your confidence levels as well.  But the real question you want an answer to is, “Do any of these male enhancement pills or products actually work?” And the short answer to this ever pressing question is YES! But there is a lot of bull shit out there that is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Let me explain…

I have done my fair share of searching for all things to increase my penis size…pills, pumps, procedures, exercises, etc. You name it, I’ve tried it. I had a bad experience, I won’t get into here, and completely lost my confidence. It was tough for me to even think about hitting on girls because I didn’t want to feel that level of embarrassment ever again. And so I was determined to at least try to do something about my insignificant size.  With my research and to my surprise, I actually found a product, a supplemental, all natural male enhancement pill that made me bigger…flaccid and erect. No joke!

I made a video to speak frankly about my problem and resolution. If they worked for me, they can work for you too. Watch this video…

The Pill That Actually Worked – Video

I hope that video sheds some light about what Virility is and how it works for people. I was quite amazed at the results to be honest.  Too bad I had to go through all the BS before I found Virility. Anyway, now that you know what works and what doesn’t, you won’t have to waste any of your time and money on all the non-sense and hopefully never have to endure any ridicule like I did either.

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You can read more about my trials and errors with male enhancement below.

The Wrong Ways to Increase Penis Size:

Now, there’s likely a variety of reasons you may be considering penis enlargement: to improve your sex life (and the proven benefits that go along with increasing the quality of sex in your life like improved self worth and confidence), for the more sculpted figure you’ll cut in the bedroom. Basically, there are plethora of techniques and methods out there for increasing the rigidity of erection, the width and length of your penis.

Natural Male Enhancement Pills

Ways of achieving lasting male enhancement are as varied as surgical procedures, manual exercises, supplements and even stretching techniques. As with any product (whether it be dish soap or engine oil), there are superior and inferior methods and products. Many products suggested for penis enlargement make no distinction between in temporary enlargement and permanent enlargement. Often these fraudulent products purposefully muddle the scientific difference between temporary and permanent enlargement. That’s why I’m going to give it to you straight, based on years of research and observation.

●          The word on the street when consulting reputable opinions seems to be that the variety of surgeries available and all carry a significant risk of difficult complications. I don’t know about you gentlemen but that’s the last part of my body I want to experience “complications” with. Plus, I just plain don’t like the idea of blade of any sort down there. Call me old fashioned. When properly informed of the risk for complications most men would opt not to proceed with these kinds of surgeries. Neither should you.

●          The word on penis enlargement pills, male supplements and the like is that you need to be very careful when selecting what product to use as most are unfortunately untested for side effects and safety and have never been proven effective. You should find a supplement that has both proven results and has been tested in a trustworthy manner. You need to be vigilant in deciding on a product.

●          Physical techniques for enhancing your penis normally involve elongation or even stretching of the penis through increasing the blood flow to the organ and the blood pressure in the penis by use of small weights and other physical therapies. Results are widely varied depending upon the desired results and the course of action. Methods include penis pumps, clamping (which is considered a hugely risky endeavor by most physical health professionals in the know), and jelqing, a simple physical exercise involving a gently stroking of the penis in a squeezing manner to increase blood pressure and circulation.

●          Cosmetic options to make the penis appear larger include losing weight or even trimming the pubic hair. Certain sources have also cited circumcision as a way to make the penis look larger, other sources say circumcision makes the penis look larger so the jury is pretty much still out on that one.

The bottom line here, if you want to make your penis bigger or more erect, try Virility EX.  I recommend Virility EX over other male enlargement pills because it is more effective, well known, safe, and the product has plenty of high customer satisfaction ratings.

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