Erectile Dysfunction Pills

●          Estimates say that somewhere just shy of 20 million men over the age of 20 are affected by erectile dysfunction, a repeated and often inability to achieve and maintain an erection throughout sexual intercourse. It’s well documented that both physical and emotional factors can lead to erectile dysfunction or impotency. ED can also create or exacerbate other health issues in men like a marked decrease in quality of life, depression, anxiety and a worsening or lowering self-esteem. There are a number of pills out there that can treat erectile dysfunction safely and effectively.

●          With all of the pills availed for treating erectile dysfunction, as well as a host of other treatment options available for ED, sadly most men are not seeking some for or treatment and are choosing to live with this often devastating condition. The American Urological Association estimates that only about one quarter of the med affected by ED seek treatment, with an astonishing three-quarters of men affected not seeking out any sort of treatment. Not seeking help or treatment an and will greatly affect your quality of life and it’s also important as erectile dysfunction can sometimes be indicative of more troubling health problems like heart disease, kidney disease or diabetes.

●          Many health professionals seem to think that ignoring erectile dysfunction can actually makes things worse. Much like most health issues, early treatment and detection is always the preferred course of action. So, if you think you may be suffering from ED, get started on finding a pill that works for you NOW. There is no time like the present and some men have been reported to develop scarring in the erectile tissue due to a lack of erections. This can lead to penis shrinkage.

●          The most common type of pills recommended for erectile dysfunction are called “PDE-5 Inhibitors. These types of medications work by protecting the enzyme “cyclic GMP,” the enzyme in which helps trap blood in the penis tissue during an erection. The most common prescribed drugs for ED like Cialis, Viagra and Levitra are all PDE-5 Inhibitors. However these types of medications are fairly costly and results are somewhat varied depending upon the specific case.

●          PDE-5 Inhibitors can be a good choice for men improving your score on the scale of International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF). However, many men should never take these kinds of medicines due to risky complications. If you use alpha blockers to lower blood pressure or take nitrates for angina you should never these types of pills.

●          Many people tout testosterone treatment as reliable and effective for ED. The truth is these supplements will only truly work in men who are truly, truly deficient in testosterone and most of us aren’t that deficient. Results about whether these treatments and pills improve ED is murky and it more than likely depends on the underlying cause or causes of the ED.

●          Several more natural or more homeopathic pills have been approved for use in treating ED and have been proven effective without the prohibitive cost and the tiresome side effects. You need to be careful when selecting a natural remedy as there are tons on the market. Find one with proven results and perhaps most importantly a record of safety.

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