Does Penis Size Matter? The Truth You Need to Hear

You’ve no doubt asked yourself does penis size really matter? You’ve contemplated reasons it might not and even made up justifications in your mind that it has more to do “with the motion in the ocean then the size of the boat.” Sound familiar? We’ve all wondered if we couldn’t be just a little wider and maybe stay erect a little longer. You wouldn’t be a considerate lover if you didn’t wonder these kinds of things. Looking into how you can improve your penis size is healthy for both you and your lover or partners.

Ok boys, the simple and unfortunate truth of the matter is that penis size absolutely does matter. Women have been inundated with decades of advice about how to be a supportive lover and while some women, perhaps even most, will look you in the eye and tell you aw honey, penis size doesn’t matter, you’re the perfect size. It straight up does absolutely matter. If you can get women to speak openly and honestly about their sexual lifestyle and preferences in a safe environment then you would hear over and over that the best lovers are packing a little something extra behind the barn door.

While this is unfortunate for those of us who came up on the losing side of the genetic lottery when it comes to penis size, there’s no need to fret, worry or even develop a complex about it. In fact, there are simple, reasonably-priced, safe and effective methods to increase your penis size. Some of the more reputable providers even offer a money back guarantee so you can try it out with no risk. When it comes to improving your sex life (not to mention your partner’s sex life) you should do everything you can and it’d be foolish or lazy to do nothing.

I know, I know, you’re thinking about how many products are available for penis enlargement and how in the world will you ever weed out all the fraudulent snake oil medicines and find a quality enlargement resource. It’s not as hard or as easy as you’re probably imagining. The only reason I started this blog originally was so that men could learn from my mistakes and victories in the quest for a larger, more effective penis. I spent just shy of two years looking for the best path to male enhancement without resorting to prescription drugs or surgery, both of which I deem too costly, too risky and just plain unnecessary when you weigh all the factors. I researched hundreds (if not thousands) of products, procedures, techniques, exercises, regiments and any other method of penis enlargement I could check out. I even tried many of the more promising products myself before returning right back to my search in frustration.

After the trying the proven and highly recommended Virility Ex I knew my search was over. The results took a short while (any product that promises instant enhancement can easily be crossed off your list, it’s not going to happen) but when they came they were noticeable and even in my girlfriend’s words “striking.” If you want a safe, trusted, effective and reasonably priced aid for penis enlargement, you’ve found it. Learn from my mistakes and research, plus Virility Ex offers a 100% money back guarantee so if you don’t like the way it works than you have lost a dime. Honestly, if you’re reading this article, you can’t afford not to try Virility Ex.

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