Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The causes and reasons for erectile dysfunction are as widespread and varied as the men who suffer from these kinds of issues. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran who knows his way around the bedroom or a virile young buck just learning his moves, erectile  dysfunction is a common problem among the male species and the more you know about it and understand it, the better off you’ll be when it comes time to deal with erectile dysfunction.

Here’s a thorough yet not exhaustive list of common causes for erectile dysfunction:

●          A dependency on nicotine is one of the most common causes seen in thorough studies. Are you addicted to smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco? If so, quitting is a great way to get started on winning this war. Kick the habit and see if there is a difference.

●          Another common cause is the use of anti-depressants. Have you been taking a prescribed anti-depressant? And if so, for how long? These are factors worth exploring on your quest to defeating erectile dysfunction. Use of anti-depressants might just be the most common cause of erectile dysfunction seen in the study of this condition.

●          There are a variety of physical maladies that can greatly contribute to erectile dysfunction. Men suffering from heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and a host of other diseases have consistently mentioned erectile dysfunction issues. These diseases are consistent factors as they affect blood flow and the central nervous system.

●          There are also plenty of psychological issues that can come into play with erectile dysfunction. Psychological or emotional issues might just be the most common denominator in these studies. It’s certainly not out of the norm. Feelings of inadequacy in the bedroom, a lack of confidence in your body and  host of other factors can all contribute to an inability to perform in the bedroom.  Often times these kinds of thoughts and feelings can become cyclical and self-creating, the more you think this way the worse things get. This is one of the many areas where we find creating self-confidence and more importantly sexual confidence can be the most helpful tool.

●          The simple and natural process of aging can cause erectile dysfunction in some men. Let’s face it men, nothing really comes as easy as it used to in that department does it? Men in their 60s are 4 times as likely to experience erectile dysfunction as men in their 40s. As the years add on and on you’re chances for experiencing erectile dysfunction become greater and greater.

●          There has been limited speculation that arsenic poisoning (most likely from contaminated well water) can be linked to erectile dysfunction. The science behind this line of thinking is solid but most of us aren’t drinking out of wells much these days so more than likely this isn’t the culprit.

●          In some instances erectile dysfunction has been linked to bicycling. This is due to both vascular and neurological issues stemming from compression. It happens but this is pretty rarely seen overall. Do you ride a bicycle often and for longer periods of time?

●          There is hard scientific evidence linking the use of many prescription drugs with erectile dysfunction. If you take any sort of medicine on a regular basis check the label and warning information for information regarding the possible side effect of erectile dysfunction. And be sure to speak candidly with the health professional who writes your prescriptions about any concerns you are having.

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