Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

In easily digestible terms, erectile dysfunction is simply an inability to create an erection prior to sexual activity and also an inability to maintain a lasting erection during love making. Erectile dysfunction is very common, with millions of men the world over suffering from it and missing out on all the wonderful pleasures gained through a healthy sexual lifestyle. Below you will find a host of facts regarding erectile dysfunction, its causes and symptoms and also available treatments:                                                                               

●          An erection of the penis occurs physically when blood enters and is retained by penile tissues. An erection is most often induced through sexual arousal of one form or another. When we see something we like our brain transmits signals to our penis allowing the blood flow to increase and the penis to become hard or erect. This is known in slang as a “hard on” or “woody.”

●          There are many physical causes of erectile dysfunction. Many people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or neurological disorders have reported specific cases of erectile dysfunction. Sometimes treating the underlying physical issue will clear up any signs of erectile dysfunction but more often than not most men need a little help in one form or another to properly deal with erectile dysfunction.

●          While there are many physical causes for erectile dysfunction there are also many psychological factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction. This is very prevalent in modern society and is due to a lack of sexual confidence or thoughts and feelings of inadequacy in the bedroom. This can often times be treated, often through placebo drugs, wherein the user simply thinks he is taking something for male enhancement and the thought is enough to achieve results. This speaks to the fact that sexual confidence is the greatest aphrodisiac in the World.

●          Erectile dysfunction, or as the Latin term calls it impotentia coeundi describes the inability to insert the human penis into the human vagina. Medical doctors specializing in urology, andrology and even Psychology can help in treatment options and in getting desired results. Of course, there are also cheaper and less emotionally taxing options available. 

●          The main thing to ponder when trying to recognize true erectile dysfunction should be a repeated and regular inability to achieve and maintain penile erection without the help of penis enlargement pills. Let’s face it, whiskey dick happens from time to time, the dysfunction will be a much more regular occurrence. Not a time to time thing but more of a frequent occurrence and a major disruption in your sexual lifestyle.

●          A reliable indicator for determining whether or not your erectile dysfunction is physical on the one hand or emotional/psychological on the other hand is whether or not you are able to conceive and maintain a lasting erection when asleep or while dreaming, where the mental or psychological issues if at all present are at least less prevalent. If you are able to maintain a penile erection while dreaming that means the physical systems are a go and firing with all cannons. You’ve got a good starting point on figuring out your erectile dysfunction situation.

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